Removable Appliance Course 
(Inman & clear aligners)
£595 +VAT (£714)
Online Course - £299 + VAT (£358.80)
Course Overview
This  certification  course  covers  all  aspects  of  the  treatment  from  diagnosis,  assessment,  case  evaluation,  to  fitting  then  retention.  This  is  so  attendees  will  be  able  to  handle  simple  to  moderate  cases  immediately.  It  is  proven  that  getting  started  quickly  will  help  you  to  introduce  the  Inman and clear aligner treatment into  your  practice. You  are  supported  every  step  of  the  way  with  an  online  mentoring  system  where  your  cases  are  checked  for  suitability,  your  records  are  assessed,  and  help  can  be  given  at  any  point  through  the  treatment.  Three  monitored  cases  are  treated  as  part  of  your  certification
  • Philosophy of minimally invasive aesthetic & interceptive restorative dentistry
  • The workings of Inman & clear aligners
  • Diagnosis, assessment & case selection
  • Arch evaluation, space calculation & Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR)
  • Occlusal planning & retention
  • Case presentations: and troubleshooting
  • Align, bleach & bond philosophy & techniques
  • Use of the online mentoring forum
  • Hands on assessment & diagnosis
  • Treatment planning, arch evaluation & case selection 
  • Inter-proximal reduction
  • Clear aligner attachment placement
  • Inman Aligner button placement  
  • Adjusting aligners 
  • Retention
Benefits of this course
  • Start with simple cases & introduce orthodontics to patients
  • Life-long mentoring with every case included 
  • Learn which cases to avoid & when to refer
  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Learn how to provide dentistry that lasts
  • Clinical support & governance to keep you clinically safe
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You will learn to
  • Treat simple to moderate Inman & clear aligner cases
  • Diagnose & assess cases like a specialist
  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Provide predictable results that last
  • Refer cases that are out of your capability
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Meet the lecturers
Tif Qureshi
Tif Qureshi changed the face of aesthetic dentistry & pioneered the ABB technique
He challenged the traditional approach cosmetic dentists used and introduced the simpler concept of Align, Bleach and Bond to revolutionise the way many dentists offer aesthetic dentistry, which allowed far more patients to have access to life changing results without expensive and potentially damaging treatment. This has had a profound effect on many thousands of practices and millions of patients around the world. Large numbers of long term case follow ups have proven this option is a viable treatment for many patients instead of opting for veneers and crowns, and this had created a paradigm shift in the perception of what is truly minimally invasive.

Tif qualified from Kings College London in 1992. He is a Past President of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. He is a partner at Dental Elegance in Sidcup, Kent where he practices minimally invasive cosmetic and restorative dentistry.Tif was the first dentist in the UK to pioneer and develop the Inman Aligner. He was the first dentist in the world to use the Aligner as a major tool for aesthetic and restorative dentistry . Tif also pioneered the concept of Progressive Smile Design through Alignment Bleaching, Bonding and is also an experienced teacher in the Dahl concept to assist in minimally invasive dentistry. Tif now lectures nationally and internationally and has had many articles published on all these subjects.
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Qualified from Queens University Belfast 1998 and has a private practice near Belfast in Northern Ireland UK.
Andrew has particular interest in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and lectures regularly on cosmetic dentistry, including cosmetic tooth alignment, tooth whitening and is a trainer for Intelligent Alignment Systems, the group responsible for accrediting professional dental providers of the Inman Aligner system, and Clearsmile cosmetic orthodontic systems. Andrew was one of the first dentists in Ireland to use the aligner in 2008 and has been involved in the training side since 2011. As well as the accreditation course Andrew runs introductory talks and study clubs.

In 2014 Andrew completed his MClinDent in Prosthodontics (Fixed and Removable) from Kings College London dental institute and is the Vice President and a director of the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics.

Andrew is an active Member of the Irish Academy Of Aesthetic Orthodontics and is on their conference committee and regional representative of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.
Book this course £595 +VAT
Taken this course before? 
You can book again as a refresher £195+VAT
Select "refresher" in basket (verified for past attendance)