Lingual Brace Course
£595 +VAT (£714)
Course Overview
Lingual braces are lingually placed fixed brace appliances that use tried and tested techniques alongside the latest technology to improve assessment and diagnosis. Lingual braces provide patient treatment options and give predictable case results. Any dentist who has completed either the Fixed Brace certification course, Fixed Brace conversion course or the IAS Advanced course can use the appliance. Lingual braces only use the highest quality MTM self-ligating brackets and special lingual wires, set up by our highly trained technicians.

  • Why Lingual?
  • Simple Mechanics
  • Differences between labial & lingual mechanics
  • Brackets, Arch wires & Instruments
  • Occlusal planning & retention
  • Diagnosis, assessment and case selection
  • Arch evaluation and space calculation
  • Treatment sequence
  • Bonding / Rebonding/ Debond
  • Hands on session placing wires
  • Retention
  • Hands on session placing retainers
  • Case Presentation and Trouble shooting
  • Q & A
Benefits of this course
  • Learn principles of lingual orthodontics
  • Life-long mentoring with every case included 
  • Learn which cases to avoid & when to refer
  • Learn how to provide dentistry that lasts
  • Clinical support & governance to keep you clinically safe
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You will learn
  • The principles of lingual orthodontics.
  • Diagnose & assess cases like a specialist
  • Lingual torque
  • Unique Lingual AAO wire sequences 
  • Refer cases that are out of your capability
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18 Oct 2019
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2 Oct 2020
£595 + VAT (£714)
Meet the lecturers
Asif Chatoo, Specialist Orthodontist
Lead Clear Aligner & Lingual Brace Trainer
Asif is a leading exponent of both lingual braces and digital dentistry. Due to his expertise in the lingual technique, he is invited to speak at international meetings around the world. His philosophy is to treat his patients as he would want himself and his family to be treated. His training in the lingual technique was in Paris.

He is the author of a chapter on ‘Interdisciplinary Treatment with Lingual Orthodontics’ in the book Esthetics in Lingual Orthodontics (Quintessence Publishing).

Darren Cromey
Lingual Brace Trainer
Dr Darren Cromey has been providing lingual orthodontic treatment to his patients for over a decade. He has completed orthodontic courses around the world including the inaugural advanced comprehensive orthodontic course with Professor Ross.

Darren has works closely with the IAS laboratory, Prof Ross Hobson and Asif Chatoo to provide simple lingual solutions for the GDP. 

Darren is the biggest user of the MTM bracket at the Academy and has developed and evolved ideas which he shares in the online mentoring and the Discreet courses. 

Asif and Darren bring the academic and practical sides of simple lingual braces together so that a reasonably skilled orthodontic operator can safely provide another smart, properly hidden appliance to their practice.

Over the last 10 years he has come up against most problems in lingual and labial orthodontics.

Book this course £595 +VAT
Taken this course before?
You can book again as a refresher £195+VAT
Select "refresher" in basket (verified for past attendance)