Align, Bleach & Bond (ABB) Course
Day 1 - Removable Appliances Course    Day 2 - Ortho-Restorative Course
Day 1 - Inman & Clear Aligner Course    
Day 2 - Ortho-Restorative Course
AUD 1495 (Early Bird valid till 10th February 2020)
AUD 1795 (after 10th February 2020)
Course Overview
The ABB course encompasses two courses in one; day one is the Removable Appliances Course (covering Inman & clear aligners) and day two is the Ortho Restorative course. Either of these days can be booked separately but this 2-day course gives dentists the confidence to deliver a complete solution to their patients. By the end of these two days, attendees will be able to handle simple to moderate alignment cases as well as everything needed to finish cases post-orthodontics and be able to ensure long-term stability and function. Support is provided at every step with an online mentoring system where cases are checked for suitability, records are assessed, and help can be given at any point through the treatment. Three monitored cases are treated as part of certification.
  • Philosophy of minimally invasive aesthetic & interceptive restorative dentistry
  • The workings of Inman & clear aligners
  • Diagnosis, assessment & case selection
  • Arch evaluation, space calculation & Inter-Proximal Reduction (IPR)
  • Occlusal planning & retention
  • Case presentations & troubleshooting
  • Inman / Clear aligner attachment placement
  • Anterior functional planning landmark points
  • Simple Edge Bonding and polishing
  • Aesthetic Tooth Shaping 
  • Guidance - Envelope of function & ortho 
  • Dahl Principle - the science and evidence and hands-on
  • Treatment of tooth wear
  • Advanced retention management
Benefits of this course
  • Start with simple cases & introduce orthodontics to patients
  • Life-long mentoring with every case included 
  • Learn which cases to avoid & when to refer
  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Learn how to provide dentistry that lasts
  • Clinical support & governance to keep you clinically safe
Book this course AUD 1495 (Early Bird valid till 10th February 2020)
You will learn to
  • Treat simple to moderate Inman & clear aligner cases
  • Diagnose & assess cases like a specialist
  • Integrate restorative dentistry with orthodontics
  • Provide predictable results that last
  • Refer cases that are out of your capability
Dr Henley came back to refresh his skills!
Book this course AUD 1495 (Early Bird valid till 10th February 2020)
Upcoming Courses
8 - 9 May 2020
AUD 1495 - Early Bird (valid till 10th February 2020)
AUD 1795 after 10th February 2020
Meet the lecturer
Robby Sehmi
Dr Robby Sehmi has been completely focused on excellence and quality from the beginning of his career as a dentist. He established his private dental practice in Northwest Sydney – Finesse Dental in 2008. Since graduation, he has trained extensively in minimally invasive Orthodontics, aesthetics and implant dentistry.
Dr Sehmi quickly adopted the removable appliance techniques into practice 6 years ago and has completed over 400 cases. Dr Sehmi teaches both simple and advanced removable appliance courses and has successfully taught over 400 dentists across Australia.
Currently, Dr Sehmi mentors dentists in all aspects of minimally invasive Orthodontics including removable and fixed techniques and the use of composite incisal edge correction.
Book this course AUD 1495 (Early Bird valid till 10th February 2020)